Popular Posts 2022

Another year. Another period of posting; but the ten most popular posts are all from before 2022. Why? MicroVision. MicroVision’s 2021 was such a story that it dominated this blogs traffic, including previous years’ MicroVision posts as people researched the company’s history. That’s encouraging because it proves that there are people who think, question, research, and hopefully learn. And, of course, two perennial favorites: one about ObamaCare and one about Drew Kampion.

Over this blog’s lifetime so far:

But what about only in 2022?


Stocks, partly driven by MVIS (MicroVision).
Firing my bank.
One of my favorite inventions.
My retreat from real estate and my approach to re-retirement – eventually.
The launch of my Sci-Fi novel (but my book about tea feels overlooked.)
My experience in Ukraine from after the Soviet Union broke up.

Much more topical, and good to see. Sometimes the past can overwhelm the present.

Thanks for dropping by and reading.

Now, on to 2023.

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