Here are some of the talks I’ve given and developed. Each has been very flexible, customized in the moment to match the audience. Want me to come by and give a talk? Give me a call. Want a sample? Head over to my YouTube channel (Tom Trimbath, tetrimbath) Listen to a KWPA radio interview from their show, Spirit Talks, and their show, Writers and Their Stories. Want the details of where, what and when of my next public event? Check out my Events page.

The Whidbey Changing series

Real estate and affordability trends on Whidbey Island – YouTube
(based on my life as a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Tara Properties)

Social Media for Art and Business

Print-on-demand and e-books change an industry

Modern Self-publishing
Print-on-demand and e-books change an industry – YouTube

Dream. Invest. Live.
Stock investing primer
Investing based on your experience
Spend more time living than investing

The Twelve Month series
(In the Cascades: Barclay Lake, Lake Valhalla, Merritt Lake)
(On Whidbey Island: Cultus Bay, Admiralty Head, Penn Cove, Deception Pass, Maxwelton Beach) – YouTube
Anecdotes, humor and insights
Myths and realities
Land use
Advocacy – effective and not
The stories behind the images

Just Keep Pedaling

Anecdotes, humor and insights
How to do it yourself
American culture – the good and the sad
The value of persistence
Life Risk Management
From the point of view of a chicken adventurer

Walking Across Scotland
One man’s search for Guinness
The internal journey during the external walk

Martial Arts Overview

The history, the fantasy, the reality

Photography in the Digital Age

Coffee Table books and portfolios printed-on-demand – how to

Podcasts – Writing On Whidbey Island