Consulting for unconventional and creative people

My typical sessions include a lot of listening, then finding cheaper, more effective ways to get the job done, using the skills, talents, and tools already available (and frequently overlooked). Together, we catalyze your concept.

I’ll probably save you time.
There’s a good chance I’ll save you money.
And you might even make some money.

I’ll probably save you time. If you’ve been thinking about some decision or trying to develop a plan, and it’s been taking you months; an hour with me will probably give you a fresh perspective that helps break you free and make progress.

There’s a good chance I’ll save you money because, for any of us, there’s a good chance we haven’t considered all of the possibilities. And I am a very frugal guy. Besides, if time is money, and I saved you time, we saved you money.

You might even make some money. Evidently, I’ve been able to point out other sales opportunities, marketing outlets, and collaborations.

My passion is for people and ideas, which makes it easy and enjoyable for me to consult with and help artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs with their strategies and plans. Unconventional lives benefit from unconventional thinking.

You probably already know your answers. I can help you hear yourself – and probably provide a different perspective.

“Listening” would be a better title for this page because my style of consulting is mostly listening, then asking about what I heard and didn’t hear. Frequently the answer is within what was unconsciously avoided.

An expansive life and diverse interests from technical (engineering and programming) to artistic (writing, photography, speaking, etc.) to philanthropic (community, nature, and financial literacy) to commercial (product development and investing) helps me draw experiences that aid and illuminate.

How Much?
Typical rates (negotiable based on time and effort, PayPal and Bitcoins accepted):

  • Individuals (life choices, art management, social media) $90/hour
  • Businesses (product development, strategic planning) $300/day

A hour or a day invested well can pay in that most valuable commodity: time – and probably save some money too.

Helping People Find A Way Through The Fog


What do others say?

I mean, this all makes sense when it’s pointed out
but you might not think of it if you’re not an author trying to self-publish
or new to the arena.

– from the blog of Don Scobie, aka Bagpiper Don
soon to be author of a cookbook, and then…

Thank you very much for your suggestions.
This was all very helpful – clear, concise and logical!
– David L. Feldman

It’s all Tom Trimbath’s fault.  Tom is the social media guru on Whidbey Island who helps tech know-nothings like me come into the 21st century . . .
– excerpt from a Molly Cook blog post

” . . . Tom managed to tailor our work session in terms and tasks that I could grasp.
He was patient, skilled and the perfect tutor.
I left feeling empowered . . . that is the perfect gift a consultant can give.”

– Janice Eklund Dance and Design –

. . .  you might mention the extra bonus that
coming to see you on Whidbey is like a mini-retreat
. . . offering time to clear your mind on the ferry there
and consider the discussion on the journey back!

– Katrina M. Morgan, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CSBA, Principal, Fermata Consulting

And a general testimonial that came in unsolicited;
I think regular conversations with you should be a part of everyone’s wellness plan.
OK. Fine by me.

And from one of my classes:
The Tom Trimbath-taught nature photography course was a personalized, well-thought-out exercise invaluable in helping me polish what I hope will be improved image-gathering. I learned more from Tom over the nine or so hours in the classroom and walking the beach than I did during a week-long and much more expensive digital photography course in Pennsylvania last year.

A comment that they had to return to deliver in person:
Whenever I meet with you I leave with a heavy head.
Which made me feel bad until he said;
I end up with more ideas than I know what to do with.

A tweet from BiscottiDon @WIBakingCO
“Having garnered Tom’s support on numerous occasions I can say that he is knowledgeable, proposes creative solutions, finds answers, and is a FUN gent to work with. He has enhanced my projects beyond any of my initial conceptions.”

And finally an anecdote that was documented in my original blog. As usual, a friend did something I might have a tough time doing: describing my style.
     Another sidewalk talk pointed out that I might be a bit uncommon. (Ha.) A friend pointed out that I enjoy listening, then finding that thread that leads to another way to run an organization, or a different approach to a problem, or a twist on an artistic expression, or a potential investment that might fund a passion. To me, it’s easy and natural. These secrets are hidden everywhere and are easily uncovered by listening and connecting. I’ve found insights in suburbia, within corporate walls, and at the shopping mall. Many of them are fascinating. Some are profitable. ~ excerpt from Uncovering Langley’s Secrets

Tom Trimbath