I’ve written seven non-fiction books, one sci-fi novel, and produced nine photo essay books. I’ve been busy. Here’s the quick list and links for all of them. Hmm, just go to amazon and blurb, which I think works better.

An essay on America based on a cross-country corner-to-corner bicycle ride:Just Keep Pedaling
Just Keep Pedaling by T. E. Trimbath
ISBN 0595221009 (ISBN-13: 9780595221004)    (March, 2002)

A series of nature essays based on lots of visits to three lakes that comprise a slice of Washington State’s Cascade Mountains:

Screenshot 2015-01-20 at 16.26.46 valhalla cover merritt cover

Twelve Months at Barclay Lake by T. E. Trimbath
ISBN 0595331149 (ISBN-13: 9780595331147)    (September, 2004)

Twelve Months at Lake Valhalla by T. E. Trimbath
ISBN 0595349218 (ISBN-13: 9780595349210)    (April, 2005)

Twelve Months at Merritt Lake by T. E. Trimbath
ISBN 059539034X (ISBN-13: 978-0595390342)    (April, 2006)

My personal finance story, what I loosely call personal finance for frugal folk:Dream Invest Live cover
Dream. Invest. Live. by Tom Trimbath
ISBN 1440109206 (ISBN-13: 978-1440109201)    (November, 2008)


One man’s search for joy – or at least a Guinness or a fine whisky.Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland
Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland by Tom Trimbath
available on kindle (November 2012)
Which also has its own blog.


Kettle Pot Cup – Tea Tales by Tom Trimbath


Firewatcher – Book 1 of the Exodus/Genesis series

My ongoing photo essays of Whidbey Island (my five year project “Five Times Twelve Months on Whidbey Island”):

Twelve Months at Deception Pass
Twelve Months at Admiralty Head
Twelve Months at Cultus Bay
Twelve Months at Penn Cove
Twelve Months at Double Bluff
Twelve Months at Maxwelton Beach
Twelve Months at Possession Beach
Twelve Months at Possession Preserve
Twelve Months at Dugualla Bay

Available online and at various bookstores on and around Whidbey Island