My photos are the products of my curiosity
and my search for insights into our world,
or at least my world.

         Lit From Below

We live in a fascinating place and time; and whether that is for a reason, or just by chance, such a life is amazingly rich with experiences and connections. The best way to feel the sense the world is to be active enough to get out into it, and quiet enough to be able to observe it.

All of my photos are grouped into Twelve Month series because a Saturday in August is not the same as a Wednesday in March.

The Whidbey Island photos are also available as books.

Videos are available on YouTube.
The Whidbey videos are on channel tetrimbath.
The Cascade videos are on channel tbach5970. They were produced by Tristan Jans Bach and include his original music.

Note from an exhibitor:
A Feng Shui practitioner came into the store today and stated ‘this art is really good for this space’ “.
I suspect it’s good for many such spaces.

If you want to see more, contact me.

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