But Not Yet

As I begin typing, we are less than eight hours away from the Summer Solstice, the beginning of summer (north of the Equator), the farthest the planet gets away from the Sun, and maybe the beginning of much better times. But, now is the eve of the Solstice. For now I can only anticipate the coming shift, enjoy the moment, and wait. DSCN5319

Spend some time with Yes! magazine, or Intelligent Optimist and make a long list of good things coming our way: alternative energies, renewable energies, healthy habits, fun frugality, shifting lifestyles, alternative economies and currencies, and a return to community.

To make my writing job a bit easier I looked forward to a bit of news from any of many personal fronts today. My housing news, a friend’s housing news, stock news, other stock news, client news, other client news, seed money news, or even serendipity news. One bit of news came in, and does qualify as a milestone, but only a milestone the way a marathoner notices the 9 mile mark go by.

Good news. I received an email about a recent phone call about a package that was alluded to in a phone call in May that sounds very reassuring that I’ll be able to eventually apply for the opportunity to get a modified mortgage that should be similar to the trial payments I’ve been making for the last three months. And people wonder why I hesitate to actually tell them what’s going on with my house. DSCN5128Repeating that sentence takes a lot of breath, and explaining. Of course, most people who are aware of the situation assume that everything is resolved by now. Nope. About a year of meetings and mediation have gotten to the point that I’ve been told the package is on its way – and has been for a week. The sooner I get it the better, especially if it has to be completed, mailed back, evaluated, approved (hopefully), and then announced in time for me to make a payment before the end of the month – which is only ten days away. Not yet, but soon, please.

A good friend also has housing news that could mean an easing of their anxiety and an impetus to a shared project. But, not yet.

MVIS, the story stock of MicroVision that I write and talk about a lot, languishes while the shareholders who attended the annual meeting anticipate impressive appreciation. Of course, we’ve always done that; but this time, really, really. There is always a lot of debate about what’s about to happen, and all optimisms have been deflated every time over the last couple of decades; but there is good reason to believe they’ll turn profitable within the next year, and there is good reason to expect announcements that will “impress” us. Within an investing year there are about 240 trading days. Every trading day is an opportunity for the stock to begin dramatic moves, and every day so far has proved to be an eve at best.

Meanwhile, just as I am getting ready to produce my semi-annual portfolio review, three of my investments have been involved in mergers and acquisitions which means I have some research, spreadsheet manipulations, and extra writing to do. If these are wise enough moves, then the stocks should move too; but, not yet.

Easily half of my clients are on the eve of auspicious shifts as they await funding, collaborations, decisions, and a bit of extra motivations. As they wait, I wait; and know that we may get very busy in very good ways very soon. But not yet.

My BitCoin wallet sits ready, but quiet. My consulting business takes Bitcoin, but not yet because no one has offered to pay that way – yet.

The prompting, dare, and challenge of a friend inspired me to apply for seed capital for a small community-based non-profit venture. He found the form. Pointed out the deadline that was less than a day away. And found just the right words to convince me to act – and now to wait to hear if a sincere yet rushed proposal will be accepted and funded. If so, I’ll be very busy. Which I already am, so I’ll have to manage that somehow; but, not yet.

And, any moment, unexpectedly good things can happen. Maybe they have, and I just haven’t noticed, yet.

As each of these anticipations come to fruition, I’ll have at least a post to write and for you to read.

I’m busy. The world is busy. Americans are busier than anyone else. Issues, solutions, and initiatives are swirling seemingly unsettled. Maybe that is just a season we’ve been going through and we’ll finally be pointed in the right direction. Maybe this is just the eve of a season of ease after months or years of effort and waiting. We’ll know soon. But not yet.

The sun is setting about as far north as it will before switching with the seasons. I’m waiting to post until the colors are right for the closing photo. They’re almost there, but not yet.

Oh wait. There they are. I just had to wait.


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