A Tale Of Two Views

The last few days had some highs and some lows. I decided to write about both, but some folks only want to read about the upbeat and some folks are more interested in how I am surviving the struggles. So, today I post three posts: this post which has this short explanation, and two other posts linked from here so readers can choose which story to read. And, of course, you can read all, either, or none.

The upside: Affordable Luxuries
The downside: Mortgage Company Tactics

Be assured, I’m writing the upside second because I don’t want to dwell on the downside; but, I write about both because both happened.

Ah, life can be a tangle, eh?

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2 Responses to A Tale Of Two Views

  1. Erin W says:

    (Feel free to delete any of this if too long to post)
    Hi Tom ~ After reading your series of T-day blog posts (enjoyed the solo T-day description and list of gratitude a lot, sighed in empathy at the 2nd, 3rd good game face and helpful ideas, 4th explanatory understood), I thought I’d respond a bit.

    I’m struggling with how to recognize how much in life is indeed free. Connections with people lately seem like there is no room for both people in the equation. Do you remember a time in your life when friendships organically developed and felt easy? I do. Possibly you are still there, but I am not. Right now, everyone I know has so much on their plate to cope with, it is challenging for anyone to have energy for friendship. Like we’re all in protective mode (hermit crabs).

    I can commiserate with living on the financial edge, but am relieved to never have owned a home in my life. Financial agreements do seem black and white to corporations. I remember trying to explain to a bank the very human emotional reason for why my situation was the way it was several years ago, only to be told in a word, “too bad.” Ever since then, I have approached all financial arrangements with a sense of resignation and fear of being on the wrong side of the equation. I decided to interpret it as part of the old structure that needs to be revised and that I refuse to feel “wrong” for being human. Humans are gray creatures, not black and white, though corporations are made up of humans and are legally individuals.

  2. That wasn’t too long at all.
    I suspect that this is like the Depression. People with more than enough returned to normal lives relatively quickly, and breathed sighs of relief that it didn’t get worse. But, for folks that fell just a bit too far behind financially there was a redefinition to life that effectively became a class divide. We are in the midst of that transition, when few are breathing that sigh of relief. Many, and maybe most, are scrambling to recover a sense of security. For some that is on a financial level. For some it is emotional, as they feel that fear of loss. For some it is both. What this means is that a lot of people aren’t relaxing.

    I’m glad that I have realized that a lot is free; unfortunately, a lot of social events that seemed cheap become too expensive because they carry any price. It does change a social circle.

    As for the corporations, the good news is that their charters are usually granted under the auspice of increasing shareholder value; unfortunately, value is interpreted as money. I maintain hope that value will be read in a broader sense.

    For everyone else, go check out her site and work (especially the unpaid work in supporting healers that someone should fund her to do.)

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