Someone reblogged my post to their site. Thank you. So, they’ve inspired me to repost it to my site. Welcome to my new book, Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland. One man’s search for joy – or at least a Guinness or some good whisky.

A Walk Across Scotland

Welcome to the world, a new book is born. Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotlandwent “Live” on amazon for kindle last night. It feels so good to see the book up there, out there, and ready for readers.

Two years ago I walked across Scotland, for a lot of reasons:

  • partly to commemorate the ten year anniversary of my life-changing bicycle ride across America;
  • partly to celebrate the popularity of the subsequent book, Just Keep Pedaling, and my subsequent redefinition as a writer and author;
  • partly because I figured a vacation was a cheaper and more effective cure than modern medicine for stress relief;
  • and, of course, because I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, its land, its pubs, and maybe a distillery or two.

When I bicycled across America I did it to lose weight. I bicycled from north of Seattle to south of Miami and ended up at…

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  1. Erin W says:

    Thanks for posting, so I could take a break from work and read a chunk on Amazon, since I am kindle-less. Very nice work. How unwriterly to say it is “nice,” but I mean to say I appreciate the poetic moments, and you are a strong writer in polished form (journaling/blogging is naturally a different voice).

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