Query Can Anyone Be President

Hello folks, and welcome to new category within my blog: Queries – the place where I ask questions and ask for answers. I wanted a forum that was more open than facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter; so, at a friend’s suggestion I will post them here.

Today’s earlier blog (The poor are Undercapitalized) inspired a train of thought that is headed along some rails that have an unknown destination. Civic and social matters interest me more than politics and they all meet at core principles. So, join me as I ask for answers.

Request for answers (data preferred): What can one person do? Not one person representing an organization, but what can one person do? Can anyone become President?

What is the minimum amount of money and time required for an individual to meet the minimum requirements to run for President of the United States? Is it possible for one person to get on enough ballots to win the Electoral College considering time constraints and logistical hurdles like flying to each state to acquire signatures? Are there fees involved, and if so what do they total? We say that any citizen born in the US can become President. But I suspect that is only true if they are part of a organization and have access to significant resources. Did we therefore sometime deviate from the core principle that “anyone can become President” and replace it with “anyone can become President if they are rich and well-connected” or have we maintained our principles? Pointing back to my earlier post, “Can a poor person become President?”

Data would be appreciated.

My blog inspired my thoughts. Life can be circular, but I hope this leads somewhere.

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