One Company One Story – Lineage Cell Therapeutics

Welcome to the third video in my One Company One Story series.

Pardon me as I paste in yet another disclosure disclaimer.
I am not a certified finance professional. But I can comment on my finances, and I can comment on stories. I the SEC and maybe some other organization(s) require it.

This time, Lineage Cell Therapeutics, a company with a long name, a long history, but not much to sell, yet. The simple version of some of their proposed treatments is that they’re using stem cells (pluripotent cells?) to regrow tissues in the eye to treat Dry Eye Macular Degeneration (another long word) and regrow nerves in accident victims. Stem cells were massively controversial, and may still be, but there are so many other things to worry about and stem cells look more promising now. The company is still years away from a hoped-for FDA approval, but the treatment has been being developed for decades, so maybe they’re making enough progress. That’s the encouraging part. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed the FDA becoming very conservative with innovative treatments, which may be prudent, but it can also mean people are denied the possibility of that very treatment. As with many biotechs, the race is between the development of the treatment, the FDA approval process, and the company’s finances.

Because I own stock in the company there is also a personal history with it that can be somewhat tracked by reading my posts about the company (Lineage Cell Therapeutics) and the stock (LCTX), particularly my Semi-Annual reviews. Some of the history of the original company is covered in a previous post. (One Company One Story – Geron) If you are unfamiliar with the company, here’s a video where I basically toured their web site and commented on the parts that interest me the most. I won’t say ‘enjoy’ but I hope it is useful despite being a bit rough because I was a bit rushed. (Regular readers know how busy I’ve been. That’s also why I left in one gaffe in the video. Just being human.)

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