One Company One Video – Geron

Do you ever just get the feeling that someone should do something that seems simple yet remains undone? As most of you probably know I wrote a book about personal finance, Dream. Invest. Live. (which has become a story in itself, but I’ll tell that story, later.) I watch, read, and listen to financial news. Much of it frustrates me. The topic is frequently the stock price, but the stock merely represents the company and the company is nothing without the people who work for it. I am not a certified finance professional. But I can comment on my finances, and I can comment on stories. Every company is a story, so I’ve decided to tell at least my version of those stories, one company at a time.

I’ve owned their stock, GERN, since 1999, the only time I bought a stock based on a hot tip. Thirteen years later the concept of ‘hot’ is debatable. (Though if I’d sold a few months after buying it I would’ve made a lot of money in a short time. Silly me for waiting for the company’s rather than the stock’s progress.) Their simple yet grand goal back then was to extend human lifespans through several technologies. The company has stayed alive (ironically) by selling off most of those technologies. Maybe, maybe, they may finally succeed, or not. So goes innovation. Stay tuned – and watch the video for a longer discussion.

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