One Company One Video – My New YouTube Playlist

Do you ever just get the feeling that someone should do something that seems simple yet remains undone? As most of you probably know I wrote a book about personal finance, Dream. Invest. Live. (which has become a story in itself, but I’ll tell that story, later.) I watch, read, and listen to financial news. Much of it frustrates me. The topic is frequently the stock price, but the stock merely represents the company and the company is nothing without the people who work for it. I am not a certified finance professional. But I can comment on my finances, and I can comment on stories. Every company is a story, so I’ve decided to tell at least my version of those stories, one company at a time.

The first of the stories is about MicroVision, a company which has recently been mis-represented by being too narrowly described (in my opinion). Pundits and professionals, optimists and pessimists, pumpers and trolls have proliferated since MVIS became a meme stock, a stock that attracts attention as people realize it has impressive potential, hasn’t become profitable in almost thirty years of trying, and is heavily shorted – which has also attracted the anti-short crowd. 

I have owned MVIS shares since about 1999, and can see an upside and a downside – and I don’t know where it is going, but I’m holding and hoping. I am also aware that ‘hoping’ is not a preferred strategy, but sometimes hope proves true.

Here’s the first video in the series. As with the first of any new creation it can be a bit messy and uncertain. I could wait and polish and continually improve it, but that can also lead to procrastination and eventual irrelevancy. I hope this is relevant despite its newborn nature.

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