A Bit Of Self-Indulgence

I spend a lot of time thinking about other people, other things, other ideas. Then, Spencer Webster offered to interview me for his new audio magazine, InSpiris, about creativity, inspiration, and imagination. It wasn’t until after he posted it, and then I listened to it, that I reflected some of the energy back on my self. Regular readers may have noticed that I make personal finance personal, about what, why, and how I do things; but it may not be apparent that such an approach is basically an federal SEC requirement. I’m not a certified financial planner or analyst or whatever, so for me to describe financial matters I have to make it about me. There are fewer regulations about a person talking about themself. So, pardon this self-indulgence as Spencer Webster created an opportunity for me to listen to myself about the very philosophies that inspire me, and are part of the foundation of this blog and my other creative outlets. Maybe you’ll find it useful, too.

A few additional notes:

  • Great credit to Spencer for making me sound clearer and more organized.
  • The video is over an hour, but it’s an audio, so can just play it background while you do chores and such.
  • And special thanks for allowing me to grant myself and my self the indulgence of time because a typical blog post takes a couple of hours (and would benefit from even more time.) Time is the most precious thing. It’s even one of our dimensions. So, pardon me if I take up some of yours (though I suspect it might be at least somewhat entertaining), while I go have a cup of tea (which will undoubtedly morph into checking off some chores.)

About Tom Trimbath

real estate broker / consultant / entrepreneur / writer / photographer / speaker / aerospace engineer / semi-semi-retired More info at: https://trimbathcreative.net/about/ and at my amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0035XVXAA
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2 Responses to A Bit Of Self-Indulgence

  1. pjzoofit says:

    Yes, nothing like hearing Tom Trimbath make quirky witty comments in the background to keep me distracted from my housework! Nice job! I enjoyed it!

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