Someday We Will Celebrate

Thinking ahead. Looking forward past current crises. We’ve missed out on a year of celebrations. Some day we’ll declare success over the pandemic. We know it won’t truly be over. Most contagions find ways to survive, but some day enough people will have masked up for long enough, enough people will have taken the vaccine, enough people will have found enough ways to cope. For that day I suggest a day of holidays.

Pardon the departure from my normal personal finance ponderings.

With slight alterations to their definitions:

  • Memorial Day
    • Because those who perished should be remembered
    • Sunrise service
  • Groundhog Day
    • Because every day has felt like the movie
    • Starts at 6:01AM 
  • Christmas Day
    • Because getting past the pandemic is worthy of gifts, lights, and songs
  • Valentine’s Day
    • We’ve learned to know who knows how to love and live
  • Independence Day
    • Fireworks at noon, just because
  • Labor Day
    • Celebrating every essential worker
    • Free drinks for them (but I’m not sure who will serve them)
  • Arbor Day
    • Making sure Nature isn’t forgotten
    • An hour spent planting trees will only partly thank Nature, a refuge for many
  • Pick your own culture day (St. Patricks, Cinco de Mayo, – or art)
    • Many got through thanks to their heritage and culture
    • Many got through thanks to writers, musicians, artists
  • Thanksgiving
    • Reflect and give thanks, feast, and sure, maybe play football
  • New Year’s Day
    • A short fireworks show at midnight, a closing period as we begin a new time

I don’t know if we’ll get there within a few months, or even this year, but I do feel that if we’re willing to celebrate victories in wars, then the end of this struggle will definitely be worth reflection, ceremony, and celebration.

You are welcome and encouraged to edit because we’ve got plenty of time to get this right, and it deserves to be just right.

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