Good News No Time

Well, the amount of time is always the same, despite what time traveling sci-fantasy shows show. But, this is just a quick post to pass along that 2017 has started off very busy. That’s very good, except for the pain in my wrist and in my – well. No need for those details.

The situation may be temporary, which is always because permanence is an illusion. When twelve hour days follow each other for a variety of reasons, the chaos can be unsettling; but I’ll put that in perspective. For the last several years, the workload has been similar, but much of it has been – entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs know how much work goes unpaid in the hope that compensation will eventually follow. Between the mad, barely paid scramble and the seemingly mythical sustainable occupation, there exists the swirl of energies that must be ridden even if there’s no apparent direction to the underlying current.

Several years ago, twelve hour days were common, but only two or three hours were billable. This year is starting off with twelve hour days, but four or five hours are billable – for now. It is hard to know if this is a surge that will fade, or the precursor to more stable and more than sufficient pay. There are tantalizing possibilities, few of which I can mention because they are so ephemeral.

So pardon any lapse in a more descriptive discourse on this chronicle of an American who has gone from middle class to millionaire to muddling by to somewhat manically working towards something. One measure of how busy I am is that I turned down an invitation to go dancing. Shocking, I know.

Some news that will eventually be relayed:

  • my experiences re-entering the conventional American healthcare system
  • news about a history documentary I have been asked to write
  • news about coworks on Whidbey
  • news about virtual reality (and probably 3-D printing)
  • an analysis of charitable contributions in a progressive small town
  • and maybe a guest blog post about MicroVision at CES from a friend who was able to attend. Maybe. Hey. It’s not like I’m paying anyone to do that, eh?

Thanks for your understanding. Welcome to the wild weird year that is and will be 2017. Expect the unexpected? Bah. That’s already happened. That was just the start.

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1 Response to Good News No Time

  1. A history documentary? And virtual reality? Sounds like we’re soon going to be seeing a movie of some famous historical figure where we get to step in and be the famous person. Can’t wait for you to release it…

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