Pretending Not To Panic Launch

Incredible. The news is incredible. Every day news splashes across my screen that is incredibly apocalyptic, in a bad way; and incredibly revolutionary, in a good way. Because of my eclectic interests, and because I have eclectic clients, I witness extreme pessimism and extreme optimism every day. The forces in motion in today’s world are stupendous and can only be ignored at the risk of being totally inundated by change. I’ve launched a blog that pulls together some of that news, the worrisome and the hopeful, the “news for those of us who are eager and anxious about the future.” You are welcome to attend because we are all in this together.

Pretending Not To Panic

If you want to know more about the news, go to the site. If you want to know more about why, read on.

Look at the graphic that’s helped inaugurate the site. It is me, covering my eyes, but peeking out between a gap in my fingers. PNTP logo 111214The majority of people are working from the philosophy of, “See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.” They take that so far that they, “See nothing. Hear nothing. Speak nothing.”; except for what’s part of the common conventional wisdom, even if its source is an authority that is only serving its self-centered agenda. The antithesis is to see everything, hear everything, and speak about everything; which is an overwhelming way to live and a way to overwhelm everyone around you. To maintain sanity, it is necessary to consider only a slice of what’s happening; to filter out some, but not all; to know what to look for, and what not to be distracted by.

Pretending Not To Panic may be many things, at one point it was a screenplay and could be again, but this blog incarnation of it is my perusal of the news regarding the big topics and the big solutions. Ironically, the topics and solutions may be global, but best represented by individual’s actions. As resources allow, I hope to create a community for discussions that’s moderated to keep the trolls in control.

These are the times when we first have the capacity and the necessity for being aware of the global situation and the global solutions. Our society and civilization is global, and thinking nationally is anachronistic. This is also the time when debate is becoming secondary to action, in spite of the antiquated processes of our institutions. Financial inequality, climate change, social injustice, technological acceleration can not be ignored or stopped, but eventually they can be altered. We, as a species, are amazing at adapting. It is our greatest strength. I suspect we will adapt, and will do so for the good of the rest of the planet; but in case we can’t, I’m pretending not to panic.

PS As much as I’d do this as an altruistic action, my personal situation strongly suggests that I allow visitors the opportunity to compensate me for my efforts. Tips are appreciated. I’m also creating some ways you too can tell the world that you are pretending not to panic. T-shirts, etc. may seem silly, but then again, they are a way to inspire discussions, and hopefully, action.


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