LFLY – One Company One Story

Welcome to another story and another video in my One Company One Story series.
This time, Leafly (LFLY).

Here comes the amateur legalese.

I began investing in companies and their stocks in the late 70s, but am not a certified investment professional.

My style and history of investing is described in Dream. Invest. Live., a book I wrote by request – which came out as the Great Recession (the Second Great Depression) began. Bad timing, eh?

My personal finance blog (a blog about my finances) is: https://trimbathcreative.net/

I am not investment professional. This is not financial advice. 

Leafly is essentially a simple company. For years they’ve provided information about marijuana, even before it was legal for recreational use in most states. They’ve been handy. The Food Network may have more cooking shows than I can watch, but it seems as if there haven’t been as many general sources of information about different strains, different effects, smoking versus consumables, and eventually information about dispensaries.

The company has been around since 2010. Marijuana wasn’t legalized for recreational use in Washington State until 2012. I didn’t buy any until the first day in 2014, and have a copy of the South Whidbey Record with my picture on the front page. I wasn’t first, but I was the first willing to have my photo taken. The times were different.

The times are still different. I can’t keep track of the strains, am continuing to learn about how to cook with it, and always have more questions. I’m not alone. Evidently, the company gets over 100,000,000 visitors annually, which would suggest robust financials. 

google finance

And yet, the stock is down over 95%, and they’re laying off employees. I don’t know why, and I’ll leave the investment side to someone else. I know I may buy because I like local companies, but my personal finances aren’t healthy, either. (But the news about my job has been fun to share. After I retire some debt I might invest some more money.)

In the meantime, I’ll cheer them on, and keep them on one of my watchlists. 

And later tonight I’ll use some legally purchased product to help me sleep. Partying? Some day. In the meantime, let me settle into some dreams.

The video:

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