What Happened To WNDW

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That was not a good morning, but it woke me up! How could I not write about that?

Down more than 98% in minutes. How the…? What the…? So goes life investing in tiny companies, regardless of how big their ideas are.

I have a small holding (and tiny by the end of the day); so, I checked the news, social media, stock discussion groups, and even my emails. Hey, I know that companies rarely ever tell their owners what is happening with the company, and even more rarely with the stock; but maybe this time… No.

You may notice that a lot of this story involves ‘…’ because sometimes there are no words.

Scenarios filtered through my thoughts. I’ve investing since circa 1978. I’ve seen stuff.

  • Was the company revealed to be a scam?
  • Did they found a critical and fatal flaw in the product?
  • Did someone embezzle everything?
  • Did a bank-crash crash the company?
  • Was it a glitch in the trading system?
  • Was it stock manipulation?
  • Was it a flash-crash on purpose?
  • Was it…

No news. At $0.02 per share there wasn’t much more to lose, so, keep it, just in case of …(?).

Life happens. I’ve been busy enough. I spent yesterday waiting on two phone calls, neither of which had anything to do with stocks. No calls. Today, the weather is gorgeous. Blue skies and the mountains still have white snow. I’ll go skiing, instead. (Cross-country skiing has been the best therapy for my balky balky knee.)

Get home after market close. See this chart.

Google Finance

Up over 730%! That’s a new record, for me!

Of course, down 98% then up 737% kind of just confuses things. Looked at in the longer term…

Google Finance

WNDW closed at $0.67, down from five days ago at over $1.20. Down 47% in a week isn’t good, but after witnessing 98%, let’s just say that is negotiable.

Go back a year.

Google Finance

Look at the last year. The stock is down 75%. But the stock hasn’t had a slow, smooth decline. Small stocks get bouncy. The average volume is only 39K shares. Smooth out the price to $1.00 and the daily volume is less than the price of a new car. If the company succeeds that volume (and market cap) will probably be higher.

Finally, news. SolarWindow Update on Market Transaction Restrictions in the Company’s Stock Pending Filing of Forms 10-K and 10-Q

…the management of the Korean Subsidiary, have failed to deliver the requested documentation and information, including, but not limited to such basic information as the Korean Subsidiary’s monthly banking statements.

This isn’t new, though it is news to me.

…these repeated requests beginning in May 2022…

The company has been trying to contact the company (one side not helping the other) for months.

Troubling? Yes, but it is not about the technology or the product. One small group of individuals are avoiding an audit of the “Korean Subsidiary” for unspecified reasons, from what I can tell.

Maybe this collapses the company. Maybe not. They have a plan in place with government representatives to switch management back to the responsible and responsive people, from what I can tell.

If someone wants a measure of my risk tolerance, or naivete, here it is. Fundamentally, they still have an idea that I think has great potential. If they eventually succeed, great. If they get bought out and my shares transfer to the other company, fine. But they can also go under.

Look back at the list of possible causes. Someone deciding to not file the right paperwork at the right time was not on the list. Maybe this is knowable for an investor who is dedicated to one stock, and who can notice every filing in every country, and also notice what wasn’t filed. For an independent investor like me, I know I can’t know everything. This is why WNDW is one of my two smallest holdings.

So, I hold. The rest of life is also important, too. I’m still waiting on those two phone calls. I got some skiing in. And it is time to make dinner before writing some more of my next sci-fi novel. There are things to do.

But for the price of the commute to and from skiing, I could’ve picked up sooo many shares.

Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. Nah. I’m glad I went skiing.

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