Getting Ready For Our October 15 Self-Publishing Workshop

The short version:

The longer version:

Busy? Busy. But I see a break coming. (Whew.) But next is something I look forward to, conducting a workshop, this time one on self-publishing. October 15 Don Scoby (the co-host of the Writing On Whidbey Island, WOWI, podcast) and myself are conducting a one-day intensive workshop covering From Inspiration To Publication, which effectively means from taking ideas, turning them into words in a manuscript, cover design, book formatting, publication, and through to things like book events and sales (hopefully.) Ten hours between 9AM and 9PM. Somewhat intense? Yes, but far more comprehensive than previous attempts to cover all of that in an hour or two. (We tried for a more sedate two-day event but could only book the Coupeville Rec Hall for one day. Maybe next time. Maybe even another location if enough people request it.

Part of my busy life this year has been directed to finishing three projects, three books, in time for the event.

Twelve Months at Dugualla Bay

Part nine of a five part, er, ten part series of photos of Whidbey Island’s nature. Part ten is in work, with two months to go. As for publishing experience, these are small hardback books that are relatively easy to mail. The size was also a recommendation from local bookstore owners who wanted photo books that could fit on a shelf. The world has more shelves than coffee tables. Published on

Kettle Pot Cup

A fundraiser I had fun with. Pardon the pun, but I enjoy tea but don’t take it as seriously as some – but then many in America don’t. Hot water, a tea bag, wait for the water to turn color, and call it done. That’s the American way. At the same time, we actually do have our rituals and I do honor the experts. The fundraiser part comes in because I also wanted to do more than honor the people who pick the leaves. Their working conditions are like migrant farm workers but without the ability to leave the farm much. Book proceeds do to charities that help the people on the farm. Because this is another book that’s good as a gift I made sure it is hardback, too. Published on


Welcome to my first sci-fi novel, which has already inspired thoughts of sequels. That’s part of next year’s busyness, but in the meantime I’ll be busy telling folks about the book, spreading the word, and listening to their feedback. One of my favorite bits of feedback has been;

It’s great to read a sci fi with the humor in it.

There’s even dancing, and some tears, and some – well, there’s a whole book of words. 

This one is paperback, because that just feels right for scifi.

Published on Amazon/Kindle in paperback. (Ebook to follow as time allows in this world of busyness.)

When I self-published my first book, Just Keep Pedaling in 2002 there were probably fewer than 100,000 books printed by the print-on-demand technique. Preliminary research suggests there may be more than 2,000,000 published this year. The idea caught on.

There are an overwhelming range of choices and decisions. I have used several publishers for myself and helped other authors, too. Don has published cookbooks, histories, music, and has mixed them up. We cover a lot of options. The more valuable information may be the descriptions of the ones we didn’t choose.

Is there more to say? Of course! But today’s busyness must progress. Another work item for the night, possibly coordinating with Don over the preparations, and – gasp – maybe reading a book. You see, when I write I don’t read as much. Three books in one year means a lot of other authors’ books have stacked up. So many stories. So much to read. So much to learn. So many new perspectives. Contact me if you want to attend. I’m looking forward to it.

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