Good News Is Swirling

Always remember, it is possible to suddenly be overwhelmed with lots of good news, and that can be a lot of work. This post may be a swirl of disjointed items because I’m squeezing it in between work items, waiting for phone calls and emails, and trying to figure out how I’m going to manage to mow the lawn while the Sun is up but the day’s not too hot.

Good News

Readers are finally receiving their copies of Kettle Pot Cup and passing along their comments.
“I got your book. It’s really fun.”
“I got your Tea book and it’s fun and charming and delightful and very *you.* Which is a good thing. Well done, sir.”
Spread the word! (As I pause to take a sip of loose leaf pu-erh tea.)
Now I have to wait for the royalty checks to arrive so I can order more books.

Good news

I finished the last story edit of my sci-fi novel. There’s more work to do, but the story won’t change. Punctuation, grammar, formatting, cover design, marketing text – yeah, there’s more to do.

Good news

Someone who learned about my tea book was inspired to read some of my blogs (and possibly at least one of my books), and is considering having me write for them. Probably not a full-time gig, but it is a nice possibility for my writing business.

Good news

It is summer and dancing is happening. On Whidbey Island, dancing happens throughout the year, but this time of year means a few dances per week. And more dancers are feeling brave enough to dance in public. That’s still a balancing act and a judgment call, though. Vaxxed and boosted doesn’t mean invulnerable. But I do enjoy dancing, and it helps my mental health.

Good news

It is the weekend for the Whidbey Island Fair, a county fair, but with a focus on this part of Island County.

Good news

Enough of the affordable housing measures and projects are happening and have been working on it hard enough that houses are being built and regulatory progress may also be made.

Good news

A friend passed along an opportunity to buy a tiny house on a big lot on another island I also like. So close, but I’ll have to check those lottery tickets. No need for MegaMillions, just a few hundred thousand could make something somewhat pleasantly dreamy happen.

Good news

For the first time in over a year I have a client managed to get a house offer accepted. The market prices don’t seem to have moved much, but there seems to be less competition.

Good news

As I type, the median list (not sales) price for my area is $945,000. Whether that will hold or rise or fall, it may explain why algorithms are estimating my house’s market value at ~$538,0000; up about $10,000 in a month and about $80,000 in a year. A nice bump to my net worth; though I’d have to sell or take out a loan against it to benefit from it. But there’s this tiny house on a different island…

Managing good news

So much good news has made my thoughts swirl. Meditation? Ha! The thoughts are overwhelming any such attempt – unless I fall asleep from overwork. Good news is good, but latent good news can require managing. Making sure opportunities remain open, responding as responses are necessary, thanking people and the world and circumstances – and somehow finding time for self-care. There’s the adage, “Chop wood; carry water. Reach enlightenment. Chop wood; carry water.” because life chores remain and are necessary. I think the modern equivalent is more like “Mow the lawn and wash the dishes and pay the bills.”

There’s more, I’m sure; but this gap in my day is closing, so I’ll close this off, maybe with a PS. You see, MicroVision (MVIS) is announcing earnings this hour, and – well, let’s see if that’s good news, too.

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