White Christmas-ish 2021

Snow days, an excuse, a hint, time to take it easy. Happy, Merry, Joyous ___fill__in__the__blank.

About Whidbey

It’s 2021, when every present has a chance of being delivered just in time or maybe a little late. For Whidbey, snow for a White Christmas arrived on the day in some places, and a day later in others. Down near the water, less snow. Along the ridges, much more. The island is so geographically and meteorologically diverse that there is no one number to pin on the island, as in “Whidbey got four inches of snow.” Considering road conditions and the weekend, there’s more reason for many to not drive, stay home, and enjoy the gift that will eventually clean up after itself. 

Mentioning the time for gifts, a personal one is keeping this somewhat delayed post very short post so there’s more time to relax and play.

Ho. Ho.

(And if you do have to drive, may you be gifted with safe travels.)

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