Waiting – April 2021

Oh, to dance, again. It’s been a long wait. And that’s not the only thing I’ve been waiting for. Weeks, years, decades of waiting should be resolved within the next two months. Potentially, all of it is good news. But in the meantime, waiting is required. Waiting isn’t much fun. Dreaming is.

Spring! Spring happened already, so the calendar says. The yellows of skunk cabbage and daffodils are fading but the fields of tulips are blooming. (Dressing The Spring Equinox In Yellow) Ah. But, in the meantime, a spring storm is arriving with a bit of winter. Snow is forecast, but no accumulation is expected. Sure, but no storm was expected, either. The good news is that my neighborhood’s forecast is also for a wave of warmth to finally arrive next week. Patience, lad.

National Weather Service

MicroVision! Got to mention MicroVision. I’d be hiding a major event if I didn’t mention it. By the end of April, the company is supposed to make a significant delivery of an innovative component that enables driver-less cars and such. The guess is that by the end of May or June the company will announce a buyout, or a partnership, or a major order, or a combination of any of those because they’re also busy in other innovations. The stock (MVIS) is up over 6,000% from last year, with many enthusiasts expecting to rise much higher. In the meantime, my investment is worth a couple of years of emergency frugal living expenses, but within a few months it could put me much closer to re-retirement if those enthusiasts are right.

Business! For places like Whidbey Island, the tourism season begins. Shops reopen, restaurants fill, jobs are posted, vacation homes are rented. Sorta. The pandemic hasn’t moved out, yet. Masks, responsible people, and vaccines are making impressive progress. Maybe that’s reflective of the county’s status as a generally healthy place. (Island County ranks 4th healthiest in state) Today, places may open with caution. Within months maybe they’ll open with fewer restrictions and viable revenues.

Business! For real estate brokers on the island, spring is usually the time when inventory rises (Yay for supply!) at the same time that people decide to move here or at least get a second (or third or fourth or …) home here (Yay for demand!). At least half of that is happening. Worldwide buyers are busy shopping; but for many reasons sellers aren’t selling. (Whidbey Real Estate During Covid19 – April 4, 2021, – WA required disclosure, I’m a broker at Dalton Realty, Inc. http://whidbeyrealtor.com/) Sometimes such markets turn around with a note from the Fed, or a whim, or a fad, or enough pent up frustration and demand to make something happen. In the meantime, I get to keep busy (while waiting for enough transactions to close so I can go on vacation, too.)

Second Dose! It’s coming. It’s soon. Within a few days I get my second dose (Pfizer). For a few days after that I will have time blocked out just in case there are significant side effects. (That first dose was an multi-day event. Ouch.) Hopefully within a couple of weeks I’ll be dosed up and ready to feel more confident about re-engaging in the world.

Post Dose! Come on, life. There’s dancing to do. (I hope I remember how.) Before that happens there will be an epic haircut. (I’ve been letting it get to college length; but the bald patch isn’t participating so a dramatic enforced shedding will occur. Oops. Tried to take a photo and it didn’t quite come out right. Oh, shucks. 🙂 ) At the same time it has become apparent that the transition back to being social beings again may be tougher than expected. Months of semi-quarantine have been tough on many people. Mental health officials have been warning about that. Now, as people begin to re-socialize it is also becoming apparent that months of avoiding contact, avoiding anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, those new temporary habits are turning out to be tougher to reverse. Hopefully a few, mask-less smiles, hugs, visits to restaurants and bars, and a party or two will help heal and retrain responsibly sequestered souls.

Eventually. A few days, a few weeks, a few months. Compare ten years ago to two years ago to a year ago to a few months ago and be impressed with the changes we’re witnessed, adapted to, and reacted to. What’s next? I have guesses. The best news is that the changes I see before me are finally something to look forward to.

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2 Responses to Waiting – April 2021

  1. Jerry says:

    It’s good to hear you excited about MVIS again. Hope it doesn’t let either of us down this time.

  2. Tom Trimbath says:

    I feel that I’ve been equally optimistic and pessimistic throughout – until they got a $50M infusion. Then, whew. For me, that gives the optimism time to prove itself. No longer standing on the precipice. Still waiting on quantifiable positive financial data – which looks imminent.

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