Growing Up American Or America Growing Up

America is growing up, or at least growing older. Sometimes the world works in ways that lets one job work for two. This blog is about personal finance, frugality, and community. (Based on my book; Dream. Invest. Live.) Thanks to it, I also get paid to write for other blogs. Occasionally, a topic is appropriate for my client and me. 360 Modern is a real estate brokerage with a blog that I contribute to about once or twice a month. We were both interested in the generational changes happening in America. They focus on the impact on real estate. For this blog, I recognized impacts on the way people spend, save, live, and live with each other. 360 Modern was kind enough to let me repost an excerpt and a link to the main article.

“America is growing up and getting older. That isn’t news. Everyone is getting older. Growing up, well, that’s a separate issue for some. America’s demographics are shifting in ways that are creating new trends and revisiting old ones. It is fascinating to explore, the way things change and the way they stay the same throughout generations and across demographics. This week we examined America’s “generations” – what defines them, as well as the particular generations most affecting and predicted to most heavily impact the home buying process in the future.”

excerpted from Growing Up American: Shifts and Constants in American Demographics

(And, of course, you are welcome to browse the other posts to read what they’re interested and other things I write about. Enjoy.)

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