A Coworks Arrives On Whidbey

Yes! The newest incarnation in Whidbey coworks has opened in Clinton. It is the latest in a series of people supporting people, people finding ways to live on and work from the island. (Here’s a bit of the backstory. https://trimbathcreative.wordpress.com/?s=coworks)

About Whidbey

A new coworks has opened on the island. Whidbey may be known as a vacation spot with tourist towns, but people work here, too. Coworks aren’t new to the island. There’s a history of various incarnations of them (including one dedicated to writers). As of March 1st, WicoWorks (capitalization subject to change: WIcoworks, WICoworks, WICoWorks, WICOWORKS, whatever), a new coworks opened in Clinton at the top of the hill from the ferry with light bouncing into the room from the sun shining on the Sound – weather permitting. There’s more than one way to work on the island.

Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 12.00.28

Yes, Whidbey is a vacation spot, but thousands of full-time residents are full-time employees. The luckiest get to work on the island. Many commute to Seattle, Everett, and around the region. Many jobs no longer require a commute. The growing Gig Economy is powered by people who can work wherever there’s a…

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