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Writing is an interesting exercise. Writing about personal finance is particularly interesting to me because I treat finance as something personal, emotions included. And yet, deciding what to write is always a guess. What will people care about? I tend to write about what I think fits the purpose of this blog, but readers decide which topics are most important to readers. I am a fan of data, so here they are, the posts you decided were the most popular in 2016. Apologies to December posts that don’t get the advantage of January’s head start; but it all works out in the end because the most popular posts draw traffic for years.

  1. MicroVision Before And After
  2. Will Zillow Make Me Move
  3. One Confused Obamacare Applicant
  4. Spreading News – MVIS And CES2016
  5. MicroVision Today The World Someday
  6. Sad MVIS Shareholders
  7. Lowered Expectations For MVIS
  8. Transition For Writers On Whidbey
  9. Upscaling Whidbey
  10. Corporations Meet Owners MVIS 2016

See a trend? Of the top 10, 6 are about MicroVision and its stock, MVIS. This is for a company that has fewer shareholders and employees than any of the zip codes on Whidbey Island. Housing, healthcare, and two posts about Whidbey are the remainder – all topics that I’ve written about other times.

Writers, take note. This is one of the powers of blogging, actual measurements about what your audience responds to. The next seven posts were all about stocks, mostly MVIS. That’s surprising considering the price is so low that it won’t buy a cup of tea at my local non-profit coffeeshop.

My emphasis for this blog has been to create a chronicle of the realities of personal finance, not just the math, but the emotions, implications, consequences, and imperfections that are inevitable in something as personal as financing a life.

I’m not done, and see no reason to stop. I won’t be so mercenary as to only write about what the readers want because I’m telling a longer story here of which MVIS, housing, health, and writing are simply temporary story arcs.

Tell me what you are interested in because I may be overlooking something we both care about. You may notice that I don’t get into politics (though I can’t ignore my perspective). For some “news for people who are eager and anxious about the future” on a planetary scale, check out my other main blog: PretendingNotToPanic.com (which even has its own merchandise.)

In the meantime, stay tuned; and thanks for reading.

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1 Response to Popular Posts 2016

  1. Pattie Beaven says:

    My favorite posts are the ones where you talk about saving money on Whidbey, because we’re in the same boat on that front. I loved hearing about your frugality throughout the summer and gardening, and even throughout winter with gift-giving on a budget.

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