Popular Posts 2015

As much as I enjoy writing about many aspects of personal finance, including living in a conscious community like Whidbey, the most popular posts of 2015 almost all dealt with one of my investments: MVIS, the stock for MicroVision.

  1. Pico Air Meets ShowWX – where MicroVision’s pocket projector from years ago was compared to the next generation, a pocket projector from Celluon.
  2. Mysterious MicroVision – where MicroVision started the year with great potential, and hints of news.
  3. MicroVision Has Real News – I Think – where I parsed a MicroVision press release that would mention a Fortune 100 Global company, but not call it Sony.
  4. MicroVision Spring Catalysts – where I decided to try to make some sense of all of MicroVision’s possibilities by producing a chart of the possible catalysts (which I continue to update.)
  5. and then, the outlier, the only post about Whidbey or housing to make the list, Will Zillow Make Me Move – where Zillow’s Zestimate exceeded my MakeMeMove price, prompting the possibility of finding an interested buyer in a hot real estate market.

There are about 95 other posts from 2015, and several years to browse through. This may become a collection of notes for another book. Who knows? Stay tuned. Thanks for dropping by.

About Tom Trimbath

real estate broker / consultant / entrepreneur / writer / photographer / speaker / aerospace engineer / semi-semi-retired More info at: https://trimbathcreative.net/about/ and at my amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0035XVXAA
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