Guest Post – Mark Bridger On MicroVision

The following is a guest post from Mark Bridger of Australia that was prompted by an email exchange. I appreciate the current find with the historical perspective. – Tom Trimbath

From Mark,

As a fellow ‘long haul’ MVIS investor, I’ve been following MVIS Retinal Scanning Display (RSD) technology since its inception at the Washington HIT labs and waiting for a killer app ever since.
I was convinced the RSD was a killer, but instead it got killed; still don’t know why, but I have my suspicions.
Then along came the bar code scanner, then the projector and still no explosion.
I’ve got faith the MVIS Laser Projector tech is a game changer, just have to find the right place to ‘crack the nut’.
Recently, I received my regular subscription email from Gizmag ( ).
My eye was drawn to a piece titled ‘Inexpensive new depth-sensing camera could outperform the Kinect’. – gizmag
I read the article and thought ‘interesting’, then watched the imbedded video.

At time 1:02, I heard a reference that made my ears prick up.
I quickly backed up the video to see what equipment was being used.
No prizes for guessing the brand of laser projector!
This new use gives me cause to hope.
Gaming, particularly immersive gaming/simulation, has been gaining ground, for want of better interface tech.
Given this new 3D vision system can go outdoors, it’s one more barrier to broad usage dropped.
With Microvision at its core, as a ‘reference’ projector and potentially graphic content projector, my fingers, toes and anything else I can cross, is.

Mark Bridger
Melbourne, Australia

As someone else recently pointed out, MicroVision has been around long enough that some employees must be getting close to retirement. I know that some of the shares are old enough to drive and vote. It is time for graduation day. – TET

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