Thanksgiving 2013

A short and random list of thanks:

Most prominent considering Monday’s meeting: Thanks to whoever pushed for and passed the homeowner protection regulations and legislation

And then, thanks to:

  • The flora and fauna that sustain me
  • Friends and Family that support me
  • Good health
  • People who know how to have fun
  • Everyone who made it possible for us to share without traveling
  • Everyone who made it possible for people to travel and visit in person
  • The power that’s on
  • The water that’s clean
  • The air that is clear (after I finally got the fire to catch – hmm)
  • The folks that taught me the fun of frugality
  • Drew, who I hope is taking a day off
  • That I remember my katas (and thanks to Sensei for teaching them and everyone else for helping me practice them)

and much more, but why bore you with a list that could go on ad infinitum?

I’ve been asked “How do you keep your spirits up while going through what you’re going through.” (massively paraphrased, of course) I assume everyone has their ups and downs, their own battles regardless of appearances and I assume we’re all doing the same thing, but if not – even when there’s bad, there’s also good. Maybe it’s standing off to the side, but it is there, somewhere.

I’m not talking about the “closed door, open window” mantra. When I pull a bill from the mailbox I look around at the world. If something unseemly is happening financially, I remind myself that the scenery may be even more appealing. If I watch a stock go down, I remember the compliments I’ve received for my writing. If something uncomfortable is happening in one area, I don’t ignore it; but, I do remind myself that nothing in my life is everything in my life. I don’t always succeed. Sometimes it takes hours to remember to pick a different perspective, then I feel foolish for not having done so earlier.

I haven’t been able to will my problems away, but I have been able to tip the balance back by tipping my point of view.

An exercise we played at the Thanksgiving table was, “What would be different, while sitting at the table, if you were worth ten million dollars?” I’m happy with the friends who were there. The food would be almost exactly the same. There’d be no need for a fancier house, or a nicer neighborhood. At that moment, I was as rich as I needed to be, and millions wouldn’t change that.

And now, hours later, there are dishes to wash and food to put away and an evening without work. And, of course, one of the best things about Thanksgiving: a toasted turkey and cheese sandwich with a glass of the remaining wine, and sending out good wishes to you all.

That’s more than enough to give thanks for. Thanks. And, thanks for reading.

Focus on the brightness, not the darkness.

Focus on the brightness, not the darkness.

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