Cupcakes And Popcorn

Wednesday I posted about celebrating by buying a cupcake. Welcome to frugality, having a great appreciation for the simple things. That wasn’t the last celebration. GERN inspired one cupcake. RSOL inspired the next one the next day. Friday’s slight pullback actually felt like a healthy response, so I bought a macaroon. Tonight I might celebrate again, just for practice. How about a movie with buttered popcorn sprinkled with parmesan? As life becomes more complicated, simplify the celebrations.

It’s 8pm on a Saturday night. Oh yeah, I’m a party animal. Actually, I do enjoy parties, and it’s about time for another one, but Saturday at 8pm is when I’ve finally declared work and dinner done. A year ago I didn’t know where I’d find the money for my bills and mortgage. Now, I have the money and am hunting for the time. I suspect that comes next. During this entry into my personal recovery there will be several weeks of respecting old commitments while working hard on the new ones. This pendulum is swinging around two axes: money and time. It got off center a couple of years ago, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it will take several months to regain a balance.

Recoveries are plans, and life rarely goes according to plan. And yet we plan, because we must. This recovery is happening within the bounds of my Backup Plans, but it is happening in ways I didn’t expect. No complaints. Recoveries may occur from the concerted efforts and chaotic luck of those involved. I hope that’s what’s happening in the bigger picture too because the plans within government and institutions fail to convince me that they will succeed. I see more optimism in the energetic efforts exemplified in Yes! Magazine, the movie Money and Life, the Story of Solutions, and the disorganized millions of non-profit organizations that are powered by volunteers and donors.

Neither GERN nor RSOL popped because of a string of press releases. Yes, there was some news at deeper levels, e.g. intellectual property sales, etc., but as with many small companies any progress is more likely tied to a long string of determined efforts that finally can be acknowledged and celebrated for the simplest rationalization. RSOL popped 40%, and still is trading at far too low a multiple of Price/Sales. I think its valuation should be higher, and maybe this is the beginning of such a recovery; but if not, I think it will get there eventually. I wonder if stocks are statistically as likely to be undervalued as overvalued. If so, there’s a lot of overvaluing coming the way of my portfolio.

I’m heartened by the rise of the Tiny House movement, wireless internet without using wi-fi, and the wonders of graphene. I’m heartened by much more, particularly all the folks that are diving in to write amendments to the Constitution to rein in the dysfunction, but it is late on a Saturday night and listing them all would mean finishing this blog much later on a Saturday night.

The people that are actively trying to make things better, even if it is simply by setting good examples, are an impressive force that may be overlooked for now, but may be the source of our larger recovery. I thank you for doing what you do. But sorry folks, I think tonight’s celebration is only going to be a double helping of popcorn – about enough for me.


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