Mortgage Mediation Weirdness

Just a quick post to keep folks up to date with the oddities that are the episodes of trying to remove the threat of foreclosure. (See Timing Good News Maybe for the prequel to this episode.)

Well, that was certainly a bit of bad weirdness. The mortgage mediator called to ask why I wasn’t at the meeting. Evidently, without telling me, they scheduled a meeting to discuss how, whether, and when I could pay my mortgage. The mediator was there. The mortgage representative was there. The attorney (?) was there. My counselor was there. I paid for the meeting, and yet they didn’t call to check my schedule. They didn’t send me an email, regular mail, or phone call. Now they are threatening to submit a notice of “not acting in good faith” because I didn’t show up for the meeting that I didn’t know about but did pay for. Is this something for the Attorney General?

At this point, I’m actually eager for a conversation in a business tone, but the dialog I receive continues to be defined by dismissive terms. I’m hoping for a re-scheduling, and I hope to be included in it. I’ve talked to many people who’ve been through this process and none of them suggest it will go smoothly, even though at its basics, this is just a matter of money.

Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Mortgage Mediation Weirdness

  1. Sueaverett says:

    You must feel like Alice down the rabbit hole! JeeeeezzzzzzZZZZzzzzz!

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  2. Steve says:

    I really don’t understand how you could forget to attend a meeting they never told you about. Don’t you show up there every day just in case they decide to talk about you and your situation? The good news is you probably will get to pay for another meeting that you at least will get to attend.

    Our system at its finest. Helping regular people solve their problems simply, rapidly, and easily.

  3. Miss Molly says:

    I’m getting lost in the meetings and rescheduling. You went to a 9 a.m. meeting that was actually taking place at 2 p.m. Did you go to the 2 p.m. meeting? Or is that the one you missed? Or was there another different one that you missed that you didn’t know about? How about a timetable so your readers can keep up? Has the shutdown affected any of this yet?

  4. I was told to show up for a October 2nd, 9AM meeting. I showed up and so did my counselor.
    The other parties were told to show up at 2pm.
    Evidently, someone sent out two sets of notices that didn’t agree.

    So, after an hour of negotiation the mediators agreed to reschedule. They said they’d get back to me.

    Evidently, they invited everyone except me, and then wondered why I wasn’t there.

    Now, I am waiting to find out if they are going to reschedule or not. If not, then the probability of foreclosure increases regardless of my ability to pay.

    As for a time table: interesting notion, but the details of the interactions are so ambiguous and complex that I simplify them for the blog.

    And no, the shutdown doesn’t affect this.

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