Relax And Enjoy Or Else

Hey Gail, my computer is heading your way. Today’s bLog is brought to you from my iPad because my laptop’s hard drive is making clicking noises. Gail LaForest of The Tranquil Computer will swap out the old with a new, next week. In the meantime, I guess I’ll be taking it easy, whether I wanted to or not. Sometimes we pick our vacations. Sometimes the universe suggests we slow down. If we don’t stop occasionally, we may get stopped permanently, like my previous hard drive. Relax and enjoy.

I took longer vacations when I worked at Boeing. Use it or lose it was the motto regarding accrued vacation days. When I retired at 38 (evidently a temporary condition) I listened to the advice that advised against sitting around. Not a problem with my childhood-engrained work ethic. I backed off considerably, but I started teaching karate and eventually began writing books. (My fingers shudder at the thought of writing a book via iPad. This ain’t easy.) A while back I realized I lived a Rule Of Seven, which is more a guideline than a rule. Check that old post for details. I my current situation it means working every day; especially, since I haven’t been paying the mortgage. That’s  a tough rule, but tough times require concentrating on necessities over luxuries.
Of course, relaxation is not a luxury. Even machines must take a break on occasion. Maintenance happens. The human body is marvelous at self-repair,
But sometimes it must sit still to do so. The converse is true too. I’ve been busily sitting still, working on the computer so much for the last few months, and the weather has been so hypothermic, that I haven’t been running as much. Dancing isn’t as frequent as it was. Yesterday, about the time I realized I should set aside the computer, my back tweaked. Over decades my back and I have negotiated a recovery plan: lay down and read, then get up and walk or run. Yesterday was a sodden day. Today I started with a walk. I’ll go for another after I post this.
This break actually comes as a good time. I mailed off a major completed work package (a development plan for the History of Computing in Learning and Education Virtual Museum). A friend and client’s manuscript finally cleared Amazon’s CreateSpace hurdles (book announcement to follow). A couple of job postings and referrals are in the hands of insiders. A custom art order was mailed to it’s new happy home. And I filed and paid my state business taxes on time.
Retracting from conventional life heightens the awareness of what is missed. My iPad is useful, but not useful enough to manage my online photo galleries. Walking, bicycling, or busing are useful, but I’m ten miles from Langley, and even the bus stop is 1.6 miles from my house. Even casual socializing is no longer casual. My stalwart Jeep has a few issue (I don’t roll down the driver’s side window unless necessary) and gas is expensive. Staying home is my preferred option. Even home projects are put on hold pending funds.
And then I think about life prior to computers and cars. People lived full lives entertained themselves with books, friends, and quiet time. That old image of sitting in a rocking chair on the porch was real. I wouldn’t do it in today’s weather, and if I had a pipe the stuff I’d put in it wouldn’t be tobacco; but, the idea remains valid. What we need to relax and enjoy isn’t our stuff. It is us. I have to be willing, and then actually dive into, relaxing and enjoying. That’s a phenomenally frugal notion.
The responsible part of me can focus too easily on responding to the mortgage company’s valid concerns. I want to pay my bills and honor my commitments too; but, I’m also responsible for the other aspects of my life, including my mental and physical health.
So, I’ll draw this to a close, see if I can upload it, try to insert the links or even an image or two and then listen to the hints being delivered in batches to slow down, relax and enjoy – because I certainly want to avoid the or else.
Sorry folks, no links, not even to Dr. Craig Weiner and EFT and the effects of emotion and stress on the body. Rats.

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1 Response to Relax And Enjoy Or Else

  1. Susan Averett says:

    I can relate to much of this, Tom, especially the part about the tendency to work every day. I have to consciously remind myself to schedule “me” time and “friend” time, and to stop when Erick gets home and have”family” time, andsometimes we even both stop and say “let’s block out this whole day and go play.” Sometimes we even go away for 2 or 3 days….. which we usually have to plan pretty far in advance. I also have to remind myself that my health on all levels is more important than working all the time. Even when doing things I love, I still have to take breaks and have a life away from it. Thanks for the reminders! Now I better go get those darn taxes done! Sue Sue Averett The Enchanted Studio photographic and healing arts

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