Christmas Wishes 2012

And what do you want for Christmas? How many kids enjoy the boxes more than the presents? I’m the sort that likes the simple. Maybe that’s because I’ve never received the resort vacations, a new car with a big red bow on top, or jaw-dropping electronics (that sounds bionic, electronics designed to move my jaw). But, maybe one of the benefits of practiced frugality is an appreciation for what brings lasting joy to my core.

Allow me to make it clear; resort vacations, new cars, and marvelously fast computers are appreciated. Hello Santa; don’t worry if they won’t fit in my stocking. I’d probably get some of that for myself when I win the lottery. Though even there, I know I’d prefer weeks in a ski cabin to weeks at a resort. I’d rather pay someone to fix my Jeep Cherokee Classic, because they don’t make them anymore and I haven’t found a better replacement. As for the screaming fast computer, yeah, I’d probably get that.

Thinking back over more than five decades of Christmases my most memorable gifts were a coffee mug, the complete set of Harry Potter DVDs, my first 24 inch tall bicycle, a great pair of wool socks, a Nerf ball, . . . A longer reflection may reveal gifts that were more appreciated, but I can only write about what was memorable enough to remember. How many of us have to keep lists each year to make sure we remember what to thank people for, and to make sure we don’t get it for them as if it was a re-gifting? What gifts do you remember? Ah, but there was that commissioned sculpture of my spirit guide – and what else that was extraordinary?

By the way, the Nerf ball was fun, and I didn’t even receive it. I gave it to my dad. My mom was surprised and a bit disappointed that I’d gotten my dad such a cheap gift. What can you do with a Nerf ball? He promptly smiled and bounced it off my head. I picked it up and bounced it off his. We laughed. She just shook her head.

Since I became single again, each year I buy myself a stocking full of little gifts, set it aside long enough to forget what’s in there, and then give them to myself on Christmas morning. This season has gone by so quickly, and money has been so tight that I haven’t done that yet. Maybe I can do that today and see if I can quickly forget what I did.

My internal wish list:

  • A brick of AA batteries, because I like the indulgence of using a cordless mouse and a decoration that uses a set of LED lights.
  • A clutch of candles, the emergency kind, because I like candle light and don’t need fancy shapes, decorations, or scents (especially with my sense of smell).
  • A pound of healthy bacon, and yes it does exist – at least in a relative sense.
  • Smoked salmon, local, shrink wrapped dry instead of the oily stuff in the opaque envelopes or in the cans. They’re good too, but I have preferences.
  • Maple syrup, an excuse for waffles and butter.
  • Coconut oil, for so many uses.
  • Really long zip ties, because I am not the best at tying knots.
  • Oo, and maybe some retractable pens.

What I’ll probably buy myself in addition to some of the things listed above:

  • A new pair of work overalls. My two favorite attires: shorts or overalls: loungeware that I can’t have to treat carefully.
  • Usually a new pair of work gloves, because they rarely last a year, but I have so many with not too many holes that I’ll get by.
  • One boxed set of movies, maybe the Librarian series, or Indiana Jones, or Men In Black, or ?

My business appreciates customers, buyers, clients, and patrons. Thanks for dropping by.

December's Coat

My artistic side appreciates good reviews posted online, and knowing people enjoy what I’ve created. I’m so glad when art finds a good home.

Aside from all of that, I value emotions and feelings more than things: ambience, ease, occasional indulgence, joy, relaxation, manifestation, feelings that are part of a life lived long and prosperously. My favorite things enable a more pleasant life, but they are the conduit, not the goal.

This year a few things come to mind that never did before; but, the list comes down to the simple basic of having enough money for that life lived long and prosperously. It truly would be a joy and a major relief to get out of debt and return to financial prosperity. It can happen. Santa has delivered more incredible things before.

What we can give each other costs little and is most valuable. We can give each other to each other. Visits, calls, hugs, smiles, open ears, shoulders to lean on, dancing, playing and generally socializing can’t be bought – well, maybe they can hired, but the freely given and received are the best. Some would rather be surrounded by fancy and expensive things, even if they are isolated from everyone. I prefer to be surrounded and experiencing the emotions and feelings that make living wonderful and memorable.

Who knows? This year everything may change. If nothing else, marijuana is now legal to possess in Washington State. We can’t buy it or grow it, but I haven’t seen a restriction on giving it. What a lovely one ounce wreath. Thank you. Ho, Ho.

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2 Responses to Christmas Wishes 2012

  1. Susan Averett says:

    Hey Tom… Lovely post. The older I get, the more I’d rather have experiences than material things. A magical day trip, an incredible weekend getaway, a museum, art galleries, a boat ride. I have also found myself gifting others with experiences more than “stuff.” Especially kids. They get enough toys and such. Would rather help open hearts and minds. Wondering if you’d like to join us this Sunday for brunch, our place at 11 am. The Tamlers will be here and a couple of other friends, and our daughter, Ariana. Would definately enjoy your company if you don’t already have plans. At any rate, see you soon. Let’s make that photo shoot happen soon after the new year, eh? Sue

  2. Hi Tom…Nice post and beautiful photo of the snowy Madrona…you know I love them. Your list and mine have a few of the same items, especially the maple syrup. Just bought a set of nice retractable pens so I could give one to a friend, pen the same color as the cover of a journal I also gave. Bonus – four new pens for Molly. Small pleasures are not so small. One memorable Christmas when the kids were young and we were being exceptionally frugal, we made all the gifts or gave each other things we owned. The kids still remember it as one of the best. We’re passing it on to the grandchildren now and they love it.

    Will think of you Christmas morning…Please do fill that stocking for yourself. It’s never too late…Moll

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