Good News Reminder

Last week I counted my blessings; or at least created a list inspired by Thanksgiving. There’s a broader, more global list. Let’s see where this more global exercise takes me. (Writers beware, I begin this without a mental outline or a goal in mind. Scary, eh?)

The economy is improving.

The US election is over.

  • Whatever your philosophical, ideological, political, or habitual leanings, the US federal elections once again were one of the most peaceful in the world.

Nature continues to impress.

Sudden wealth happens.

  • Hey, I’m glad to see someone win the lottery. (And I look forward to it being me. Trust me, I’ll share.)

Community is becoming the norm.

  • Thanks to the internet, people are connecting up with less regard for borders. Support happens. So do celebrations.
  • Thanks to digital media, story, both fiction and non-fiction, is permeating the planet with fewer gatekeepers and censors.
  • Thanks to gas prices, oddly enough, people are spending more time with neighbors and reinforcing physical community.
  • The Whidbey community has witnessed the power of community via drewslist, something that the rest of the world may witness soon.

Health is improving.

  • Lifespans are increasing.
  • Infant mortality is decreasing.
  • Alternatives to western industrial medicine are gaining proponents, improving lives, and doing so at lower costs.
  • Local and organic farming is coming back into favor.

Technology is improving.

  • Renewable energy is becoming mainstream.
  • Decentralization is democratizing real power.
  • New tech can do the same job with less power, resources, and hazardous materials.
  • Cars are becoming more efficient.

Alternative lifestyles are more accepted.

Is the list complete? Of course not. You’ve undoubtedly thought of several that I’ve missed. Put them in the comments. Make this list longer. If there’s anything the world needs more of, it is good news. And as a conversation on facebook (and my recent post) reminded me, sometimes we just have to stop, step back, and take a look around.

Scatchet Head Rainbow Sunrise

Scatchet Head Rainbow Sunrise – the view on this morning’s walk.

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  1. Angela says:

    Nice view, above and below. :?)

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