Help Find A Friend A Job – Jeff Kurtti

Resumes don’t tell the tale, especially now that resumes are read by bots. Networking still works and stories are powerful. Welcome to another installment of my interviews with friends seeking jobs . I provide an opportunity for their story to reach people who know of jobs for my friends.

I met Jeff Kurtti at various art venues. There were definitely some lively conversations. He impressed me with his passion for his job. Watching him talk about the Disney Museum project was witnessing someone who didn’t just show up for work and a paycheck.

Here are his answers to a few questions.

> Who are you? No, really, not the job titles, but who are you?
A child of the 1960s, deeply ingrained with all of the attendant pop culture touchstones; a voracious reader who became a writer, a cinephile who became a filmmaker. Husband, father, thinker, doer. Efficient communicator and grateful teacher.

> What are your dreams? Not necessarily your dream job, but your dreams. Maybe someone will create a new position for you.
To wake up every day excited by the work that needs doing, to work in ego-free collaboration and mutual respect, to go home at night without the work as a ponderous baggage, and mostly to feed my family and my soul and the future of my children.

> How long have you been looking?
Since March, 2012.

> How are you getting by?
A fortunate chain of free-lance and temporary consulting jobs, and occasional project-based work.

> What title fits you that would never be picked up by a resume robot?
Practical dreamer.

> What job jazzed you the most?
The Walt Disney Family Museum, as it brought together all of my skills and taught some new ones in a venue in which I had never worked. Unfortunately encumbered by disrespect and politics which sullied the experience, but I am proud of the results and grateful to have been a guiding force.

There are lots of dreamers out there. But being a practical one is rarer, and therefore more valuable. That sounds like a great title to have on a business card. I hope he gets to live that life.

A note to my friends: If you’re having a tough time finding a job and want to participate, send me an email. You are welcome to nominate other people too.

A note to bloggers: You’re welcome to do the same thing on your blogs. Crowdsourcing works. Why not use it for finding jobs? Maybe using the same title, Help Find A Friend A Job or the hashtag #FAFAJ will help spread the idea. The more people hear the stories, the less likely they’ll see unemployment as a statistic or the unemployed as a stereotype. Decreased unemployment sounds like a reason to stop, except for those of us that are still unemployed. We might as well try. It would feel good to succeed.

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3 Responses to Help Find A Friend A Job – Jeff Kurtti

  1. This is an interesting concept. It would help to think about your friend if I knew more about what he actually did for the Disney project. Designer? writer? painter? animator? The answers don’t give me much to go on in terms of possibly connecting him up to anybody. Is there more he/you could say about that? Good luck to you both in the search.

  2. Jeff Kurtti says:

    I was the Creative Director of the Museum, set up the Exhibit story and continuity, wrote/produced/directed more than 200 multimedia installation, and etc. Here’s my c.v. and LinkedIn

  3. Excellent…I’ll see what comes up. Surely somebody in this area is looking for your kind of talent, Jeff. I don’t know if this is the kind of thing you’re looking for but maybe worth a glance – Pacific Science Center Exhibit Operations Coordinator.;jsessionid=93B4CFDB063AE997A8F40099A8855474.NA10_primary_jvm?org=PACSCI&cws=1&rid=128
    Hard to find an exact match for the kind of position you enjoyed, but one thing leads to another…

    All best…

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