Links to Gifts 2011

December's Arms

December's Arms

By request, which caught me by surprise, I’ve put together this short list to the various online places where my books and photos are available.
Evidently, some people, some shoppers, would like to see all of the possibilities in one place. I hope this helps. And thanks for the thought.
(As much as I am out there talking about my work,
I rarely stress the possibility of purchases.
That’s why I wrote UnShameless Self-Promotion last year and this post this year.)

My books: easiest online source is my author page on amazon.
Just Keep Pedaling
– a corner-to-corner bicycle ride across America
Twelve Months at Barclay Lake, Lake Valhalla, and Merritt Lake
– wilderness in Washington’s Cascades when we’re there (Saturdays in August) and when we’re not (the rest of the year)
Dream. Invest. Live.
– my approach to personal finance (which has temporarily stumbled amidst the Euro crisis)

Also my photo books about Whidbey (available on blurb):
Twelve Months at Cultus Bay, Admiralty Head, Penn Cove, and Deception Pass
– photo essays of Whidbey’s nature throughout the year

Also on blurb:
Modern Self-Publishing
– taking advantage of new technologies to empower writers

And of course, my photos
Whidbey Island
– via fine art prints from Fine Balance Imaging
Whidbey Island plus Washington’s Cascades
– via prints, cards, tote bags, too many possibilities to list from smugmug.

And contact me if you have any questions about the art or how to buy it. (Web sites aren’t always as obvious as they are supposed to be.)

About Tom Trimbath

real estate broker / consultant / entrepreneur / writer / photographer / speaker / aerospace engineer / semi-semi-retired More info at: and at my amazon author page:
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