Fresh Idea Dancers Metronome

Fresh ideas, inventions that I pass along to the world. Maybe they’re useful. Maybe they’re fun.

There must be some dance instructor, maybe all of them, that eventually tires of saying the same thing repeatedly whether it is 1-2-3, 1-2-3; or quick-quick-slow; or triple-step triple-step rock-step; or whatever the class requires.

So, how about a metronome that uses their voice, or a recorded voice, or a computer generated voice that says the same thing and can say it to different cadences? That way the metronome could keep the beat and emphasize the basics while the instructor verbally adds the necessary cues, instructions, compliments or corrections.

The device could be mechanical with a simple recorder incorporated. It could also simply be software that plays on its own via computer or portable player. It could also layer onto music if the beat was synchronized.

I feel sorry for instructors who are trying to do three things at once, and maybe four if they are dancing at the same time. This way at least a task or two is taken care of.

I suspect that some dancers would appreciate it too as they drill the basics as they practice.

Just an idea, a simple idea, but if it helps people dance and makes like easier for the instructors, then I think it is a good idea. Well, I think it is a good idea anyway, but if it was used, then it is a useful idea and that’s good too.

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