Post Properly Positioned

The power of the properly positioned post.

One post, that was re-posted to a place I never posted (Yahoo and flame wars are too common) is a enlightening lesson in the power of the properly positioned post.

Micro Vision, a post about a potentially world-changing company that is potentially in a financial death spiral (Microvision), reached more than four times the audience of my previously most popular post (More Than Stocks – a quick investing compendium) and a recent resurgence in the second most popular post (Golden Revolution – the chance of a return to the original Golden Rule).

I posted it to my blog, as usual. In an unusual move I cross-posted it on a Microvision discussion board (Investor Village). Investor Village spiked the numbers. That spike shrunk in contrast to the Yahoo spike after someone was kind enough to repost it  there. A little more than a week into November and my web site has drawn more traffic than any previous month – and there are three weeks to go.

So now I wonder. Where else should I be posting my blog entries? Evidently there is a much larger audience for my work just a link or two away. As a nod to the power of networking and as a sign of trust, feel free to post and repost without checking with me.

Writers should never underestimate the power of readers. Thanks folks. It is a joy watching words and ideas spread (sans flames).

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