Tired Busy Good

Life’s been busy lately. Good – I think. Let me check. I’m tired enough to have missed something.

Somewhere there’s a song that goes something like, “Time ain’t money when you’ve got nothing but time.“, and no, it isn’t the Huey Lewis song.

Lately, I’ve been booked with so many unpaid opportunities that I am pleasantly overwhelmed. I haven’t even minded a couple of the no-shows because those dinners turned into quiet recuperations. Well, I do actually wonder what we missed. We’ll get back to those projects. They are ours. Their schedules are in our control, mostly.

A year ago, that much activity only happened sporadically. Now, this activity has me fondly remembering my vacation from last fall when I walked across Scotland in the rain. Carving out that block of time wasn’t easy. This year it would be tougher. And that’s good. Economic reports chronicle unemployment, salaries, discretionary spending, and interest rates. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) may sway government policy, but there are intangibles that precede economic recoveries. I think I’m witnessing the turn of the tide.

I knew that the financial turmoil could get this bad. The possibility was obvious, but I thought the probability was low. Oh well. Here we are. Luckily, there is more than one here here. There’s a here that’s up there with organizations and ultra-rich living in a disconnected world of financial instruments and abstractions, where frugality may mean foregoing necessities that are unimaginable luxuries for 99% of the world’s population.  There’s a here down here where most people pay bills by working. Make something or provide a direct service and get paid. Build a wall, wire a house, mow a lawn, counsel someone’s that distraught, teach and receive money in exchange. Of course, within the American system, everyone is allowed to set their goal to whatever level they desire.

Luke: She’s rich.
Han Solo: [interested] Rich?
Luke: Rich, powerful. Listen, if you were to rescue her, the reward would be…
Han Solo: What?
Luke: Well, more wealth than you can imagine!
Han Solo: I don’t know, I can imagine quite a bit.
(Star Wars: Episode IV)

My schedule isn’t the only one that is filling. Friends are harder to get in touch with. Folks in cubicles are getting home later. Entrepreneurs are meeting, planning, and gathering resources. A fair chunk of my community of friends are most easily phoned after 9PM. The rest of the day is booked. Last night I was 0 for 4 trying to call friends before 8PM.

In my opinion, our society works best when it isn’t disconnected. But while some segment of society seems to have lost compassion for the rest that rely on public education, health, transportation, and recreation, they are getting to the point that I am beginning to feel sorry for them. (Note: I say stereotypical because I am very aware of very aware people like Warren Buffet and such.) They may have money but they seem to be losing wealth.

There is great turmoil above. Down below though, there seems to be an awareness brewing of what to trust, which systems continue to work, and who to deal with. There’s an angry sky with lightning and thunder, but beneath it farmers’ tractors are rumbling to life and the wheels are slipping, slipping, and now possibly catching and gaining traction. Sometimes we have to ignore the weather and get to work anyway.

Life isn’t perfect. I continue to wonder about paying my bills. I also am heartened by the response to my classes and my art; and I am heartened by the anecdotal observation that I am not alone. Lots of people are tired, because they are busy, and that is good.


This post was brought to you by, a very late evening writing session after a very long day. Good.

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