Tell Me More Addendum

The late night inspired addendum to Tell Me More:

If what you had to say resonated with 100 people, would you say it? Picture them sitting in front of you arrayed in ten rows of ten seats. That’s a nice audience. You’d have to rent a space to seat them. Good.

Would you still say it if it was only 40 people? Forty people knocking on your door to hear what you have to say. That’s a busy doorbell. You’d be busy opening that door and they’d make an impression by the end of your day.

Only ten that show up to hear your opinion or insight? That’s about the right size for a fascinating dinner party. You’d have a warm hearth and know that other conversations were inspired by yours.

How about if it was only one person, but that person’s life was changed, even only slightly but positively by what you had to share? That should be worth your effort. You be encouraged to speak or write again.

There’s a bible story that works from the same logic though to great consequence, but even at the personal level the logic suggests “Tell Me Your Story. Tell Me More”.

And listen to theirs.

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